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Life’s a Journey…

From Generation to Generation

Measuring Success

By The Fulfillment of Your Goals

Wealth management is a perpetual process that requires ongoing nurturing. That’s why our clients value their long-term relationship with our professionals. We believe you and your family’s lives are a journey from generation to generation. In contrast to the brief snapshot that a simple portfolio review provides, effective wealth management encompasses your history, your values, and your dreams, while providing a pathway to your future. High-net worth individuals need and deserve this ongoing, orchestrated approach that integrates the complexity of their financial life into powerful, flexible plans.

Where do you want to go?   What do you want to achieve?   What’s important in life to you?

Building, Keeping, Transferring Wealth

Successful wealth management combines wise investment choices with intelligent tax strategies. High net worth individuals require a comprehensive approach to their investment, estate, tax, retirement, healthcare and insurance issues. We integrate these complex elements into a cohesive plan that can give you the power to meet (and even exceed) your financial goals.

To facilitate your success, we have developed a Lifetime Wealth Management System to provide an overall structure of specific, tax-smart investment solutions that can help fulfill your financial potential at each stage of your life.

If you’re focused on accumulating wealth for retirement, our professionals will work with you to build portfolio value and net worth to sustain your lifestyle into retirement. We help you make smart choices with your retirement savings, pension options, and social security decisions, while continuously evaluating your financial goals to determine reasonable timelines for retirement. Questions abound:

"Can I afford to retire?  How much will I need?  When can I do it?  Where will I live?"

We can help you retire with confidence.

Retirement is enjoying your golden years with a predictable, on-going, reliable income stream that you won’t outlive. Today’s retirees face significant challenges, having to make important decisions in a backdrop of uncertainty. They must make smart investment choices, know which assets to draw on first, cope with long term care needs, and navigate the complex tax and estate laws which change at an ever-increasing rate. While you will only retire once in your life, we’ve retired hundreds of times. We understand the road to be travelled, pitfalls to avoid, and the landscape ahead. We feel it’s a significant advantage to have an experienced team by your side to guide you on your journey and help you make smart decisions.

Our focused approach to wealth management also respects the importance of your legacy. Wealth transfer is about more than passing on money; it’s about passing on your values to help and protect the people and causes that are important to you. High net-worth individuals need good advice if they are to efficiently pass on their assets in a tax efficient manner.

Tax Diversification*

You worked hard to get here, and your financial plan must be equally competent in protecting what you’ve built. Higher taxes in the future could mean less spendable dollars for you in retirement. With both investment and tax licenses, we are uniquely positioned to integrate and harmonize your investment and tax planning. Just as you diversify your assets among cash, stocks, bonds, and real estate, our advisors also believe in diversifying your assets from a tax perspective – so you have money that is tax free, tax deferred, and taxable. With such diversification, our strategies empower you to respond to changes in taxes and sustain your retirement lifestyle.

At the Marangola Financial Group, tax diversification strategies are essential to our practice. Our in-house Registered Tax Preparers specialize in maximizing after-tax income, protecting assets against taxes, identifying tax-efficient ways of providing retirement income, and more. We see opportunity where others see uncertainty.

Achieving Goals

We work with one purpose - to get you to your goals as quickly and safely as possible! Our planning can help you accelerate toward them.

To that end, we measure overall portfolio performance in light of your goals. We review your portfolio frequently and make necessary adjustments; we celebrate with you when you reach your goal! Within portfolios, we monitor the performance of investments against comparable indices in the same market segments. Performance matters.

*There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio in any given market environment. No investment strategy, such as asset allocation, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.